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The Go Kayak team has paddled extensively around Vancouver Island as well as the mid and Nort Coast.

. In 2023, we were on a 42 day sea kayak trip from Prince Rupert to Port Hard, paddling the outside/exposed coast (Pictures / Video).

We also paddled
. The Saguenay Fjord National Park (Pictures)
. Cap Gaspé Forillon National Park  (Pictures)
. Rocher Percé Gaspésie (Pictures)
. Georgian Bay Islands National Park (Pictures)

. In 2015, we were on a 34 day sea kayaking trip from Port Hardy to Tofino, the most rugged and hardest place of Vancouver Island to paddle.

. In 2009, Go Kayak completed a 3½ month exploration of northern BC waters, paddling the Queen Charlotte Islands, from Rose Spit to Cape St-James, a 400 mile journey, taking us to the most spectacular places you can imagine as well as exploring the waters around Prince Rupert and Kitimat Inlet. (Pictures).
Every summer, we take time to go on a 2+ week sea kayakig trip to different places on Vancouver Island and the mid-coast.

Choosing Go Kayak for your paddling instructional needs is choosing experienced paddlers and instructors. With extensive expedition experience in the Gulf Island reserve, Broughton Group, North and Western sections of Vancouver Island as well as the mid to northern coast from, Bella Bella, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte Islands, your Go Kayak team knows the coast and its challenges, and are paddlers who respect the sea and will teach you how to get to your destination...safely.

Meet the Family
Yves Aquin and Patti Stevens are outdoor lovers. They moved to Victoria in 2006 and are embracing what Vancouver Island has to offer. There is a good chance that you will see them paddling, trail running, hiking, mountain biking, skiing or just chilling on a beach!
Come and play with us!

Yves Aquin - Founder, Owner, Operator and Instructor
I started kayaking in the Prairies, on the northern Saskatchewan lakes in 2001. When I moved to Victoria in 2006, I decided to specialize in sea kayaking instruction and here I am now, an instructor and founder of Go Kayak. An outdoor lover since my teens, I’ve been involved in various outdoor clubs throughout Canada whether in climbing, hiking, biking and kayaking. Play is the term I use most often to describe my passion for the outdoors. Come play and enjoy the beautiful environment that that Vancouver Island has to offer!

Yves Aquin Sea Kayak Surfing Video: - Click Here -

Patti Stevens - Co-founder and Instructor
Patti Stevens I started kayaking later in life, using the kayak as transportation to go wilderness camping. As I paddled more and more, I fell in love with just being on the water. When I am in my boat, it’s as close as I can get to feel the water without actually being in it. Now, kayaking has become as much a part of my life as the outdoors. What better way to combine a little work with a whole lot of play!

Watch the Best Of Patti Stevens Video: - Click Here -