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Congratulations on deciding to take a sea kayaking course.

What do I need for my kayak course?

. Enough food and water to keep you going through the course
. An extra set of dry clothes in a dry bag or plastic bag...a good dry bag or plastic bag that doesn't leak.
. A wetsuit or a drysuit or enough layers of clothes not to get cold in the water.

PLEASE NO COTTON or JEANS; you won't make it on the water if you wear cotton or jeans.

What do I need to wear?
Do not forget that sea kayaking is an "IN WATER SPORT" so YOU WILL GET WET!
A wetsuit is required for the course or enough clothes to keep you warm…in and out of the water… because you will have to spend time in the water if you are practicing re-entries. You will get cold if you do not wear the appropriate gear and you might not be able to complete the course.

Bring a towel and a change of clothing (and maybe a Thermos with a hot drink). Also, you will want to wear some sort of water shoes or an old pair of running shoes. Do not forget mitts and/or gloves, hat, toque, anything you will need to keep you warm. Bring more than not enough!

uggested clothing options for the course
. Nose plug.
. Swimming goggles.
. Farmer John/Jane wet suit.
. Paddling jacket or dry top or rain jacket (to wear over wet suit).
. Polypropylene underwear that wicks moisture away from skin (to wear under wet suit).
. Light weight and medium weight fleece tops (for layering if temperature changes).
. Neoprene booties or Teva style sandals.
. Wool socks or Aqua socks.
. Fleece.
. Rain hat or wool toque.
. Rain pants.
. Neoprene gloves or old ski gloves.

What else can I do to be prepared for the course or to sea kayak?
Read books on sea kayaking, check the web for kayak stuff (re-entries, paddling techniques, etc.) There is a lot of information you can get from the web. If you already have a sea kayak, go out and paddle, and paddle and paddle again. The best way to learn is to practice and get time on the water. Go out and play, get wet, get to know your kayak, how it feels on the water...push your limits in a controlled environment so you know where you are at. Enroll in a paddle club, take workshops.

Happy paddling!